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carter and yogi

Everybody with me? Do I even have to write the post?

Mets, you know I love you.

We both know nobody is going to wear #8 any time soon.  If you give #8 to the next Desi Relaford you’ll have a riot.

You haven’t given 8 to anyone in 10 seasons and counting.

Here’s the move.

Announce you are honoring the 73 team and Carter.  You will sell the place out.  You like that, right?

Since Gary cannot be at the ceremony you need someone worthy.  A catcher.  A fellow Hall of Famer.  Someone who wore number 8.

That man also happens to be the manager of the 1973 Mets.  1973 + 40 = 2013.

As Dan hinted at the other day you won’t have Yogi forever.

Some will say that Carter has nothing to do with 1973 or that Yogi has nothing to do with Carter.

This is about FAMILY.  Did your family ever double-up that it’s someone’s birthday and someone else’s anniversary or Christmas or graduation?  Of course you have.

Why can’t we celebrate two things at once?  Have Tom and Buddy there.  Have Keith and Darling there.

Maybe do it Saturday April 20th when the Mets are on Fox and Davey Johnson will be in the house.

Someone will say Yogi is a Yankee.  He managed the 1973 Mets.  He’s part of our family too.  He might be Aunt Sally’s second husband but we sure as hell had him to Thanksgiving Dinner and everyone liked him.  He’s Yogi Berra, a catcher, a Hall of Famer, and he also is an 8.  It’s perfect.

If this one can’t generate a full house, teary eyes and a standing ovation then you really might as well consider  moving to Mercury.

Steal this idea Mets.

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