Bang for the buck: Niese and Gee as good as Santana and Pedro

Johan Santana is 46-34 as a Met.

Pedro Martinez was 32-23 as a Met.

Tom Glavine was 61-56 as a Met.

Jon Niese is 35-32 as a Met.

Dillon Gee is 21-15 as a Met.

That journeyman guy with the knuckler that passed through was 39-28 as a Met.


I was reading an article that pointed out that Santana is 46-34 as a Met.  I love Santana.  I think that game he pitched at the end of 2008 was amazin’.  But when you look at dollars spent and the full contract, 46-34 doesn’t blow me away.  Pedro never blew me away in Queens.

Sure both pitchers have had their moments, but both also have had moments where the idea of them outweighed the reality.

It’s very hard for me not to panic with this latest Santana setback news.

Then I googled Gee’s stats.  Now he too is coming off an injury, but he’s a hell of a lot cheaper.  6 games over .500 as opposed to 8.  (You “advanced stats” guys can go visit Amazin Avenue now, I’m about Ws.)  It’s pretty interesting.

The Mets seem to have young pitching coming.  When I look at the numbers it’s hard to suggest throwing five years of money at some “ace.”

Then again I look at the line of outfielders from Foster to Bonilla to Bay and I cringe at the thought of five years to an outfielder.  Where is Lee Mazzilli when you need him?

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