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A little history behind this post.  Here at Mets Police we have what are called “draft” posts.  Those are posts that are either unfinished or just unscheduled.  Sometimes one falls off the table.

Last night I was under time pressure to get a post for this morning and decided to see what was sitting in drafts that I could spin up and I found this unfinished post from 2011!

It’s a link to Dave Howard talking about “the Piazza home run”

“It was probably the most special night I’ve spent at a ballpark, with the Mets,” Mets executive vice president David Howard said. “Piazza’s homer, it was magical.”

via “God Bless America” and baseball, 10 years later.


Originally this would have been a post about Dave  with the title “Dave Howard’s most special night at a ballpark was…” WhWbut I have decided to take it in another direction and ask you what your favorite day/night at the ballpark was.

For me it is April 5, 1983 and the return of Seaver.  I will get into my experience on the anniversary – or you can just buy my eBook for $3.99 where I wrote about it.  Others that pop in my brain are Opening Day 1987, Pendleton, Scioscia and the Seaver 41 retirement ceremony…and I happened to be at Yankee Stadium for Game 5 of the 2001 World Series and I must admit that was a wild ride that night.

What’s your favorite night in the ballpark?


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