Turn Ahead The Clock? Rarely a good thing in Queens

If I told you on as you walked into Citi Field for the first time on Opening Day 2009 that the Mets were going to suck (70 wins), then suck in 2010 (79 wins), then suck more in 2011 (77 wins) , suck even more in 2012 (74 wins) and then on Opening Day look like they were going to suck even more would you have believed me?

Mets fans have been told for quite some time now that things are going to change.  These days we are waiting for Generation 2K to arrive as if the first generation did anything.  The best pitcher from the originals was Isringhausen – but only the old man version that pitched out of the bullpen.

At one point we were waiting for 2013…now it seems it is 2014.  Yes, the prospects are coming, supposedly.  But the brand new stadium smell is gone.  At some point Next Year has to come back to Queens, no?  I just don’t think Next Year is 2013 or even 2014.

As I looked up the win-loss records to write the above, what really jumped out at me was the 79-83 season in 2010.  Times sure have changed.  That effort cost Jerry Manuel his job…but with 2013 eyes I look at 79-83 and think how I’d probably take that with this squad.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not settling, I think the  goal is to win the World Series every year. but the Citi Field Era has tempered my enthusiasm with realism.  This Mets roster is not winning the World Series.  79-83?  There have been far worse seasons than that in Queens.  It got you 4th.  I think any total the Mets put up in 2013 is going to get them 4th.

Or maybe in the end….Fred really did get what he wanted.


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