Looking forward to…I don’t know what. Mets 2013

With just a few weeks to go I am not excited about this 2013 season.  It’s not that I am anti-Mets or not looking forward to it, I just have yet to find anything to latch onto.

The $63 Opening Day Lineup looks like it might be Ike Davis and the No Names in front of a one-third empty stadium* (this is not an actual fact, but I’m a long-time Mets observer and oh yeah the Yankees are home that day too).

My favorite player is Daniel Murphy.  Anybody seen him?  Swapping him out for Valdespin is, from a charisma standpoint, like swapping Strawberry for Bobby Bonilla.  Or blue uniforms for black.

I like this David Wright guy.  He may even be Captain.  Or he may be out until August.  What makes me think he might be out until August?  I’m a long time Mets watcher.

Future Hall of Famer Jon Niese is the Opening Day starter?  We’ve come a long way.  But Shaun Marcum is the #2 starter on this team so….yeah….that.

The infamous 1979 club started these guys on Opening Day


1.Lee MazzilliCF
2.Kelvin Chapman2B
3.Richie Hebner3B
4.John StearnsC
5.Willie Montanez1B
6.Steve HendersonLF
7.Elliott MaddoxRF
8.Doug FlynnSS
9.Craig SwanP

That outfield is looking pretty good about now.

I’m looking forward to Banner Day.  So that’s something.

I’m looking forward to going to Chicago.  But that’s more about Pizza than Cowgill.

I’m looking forward to going to Arizona with @dtwohig. But that’s more about the Grand Canyon than it is about Marlon Byrd.

I’m looking forward to the All Star Game, but that’s not really The Mets is it.

I guess Bobby Valentine making snide comments on SNY could be fun.  I’m sure Colactus will be thrilled.

And…that’s about it.  Not much to see here.  I’m hoping this isn’t one of those seasons where I start quoting “the math*” to you on April 20th, but I fear it is.

* “the math” is where I tell you the Mets record is X and they have to go Y and Z the rest of the way if the first place team plays .500 ball.  My number for worry is 8 back.  Once a team falls 8 back I start crunching numbers.


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  1. The original Pizzeria Uno at Ohio & Wabash is the best in Chicago and Giordanos is not bad either! Enjoy Chicago….saw abd heard Backman blow out his hamstring at Wrigley late May 1991;front row by dugout and it was if he had been shot! Terrible to see. Visited several times and is great to see games there. You can take the Red line or the Blue to Addison and take the addison bus which drops you at the home plate! Try walking to the Lake after game via addison
    and taking Lakeshore bus downtown from Lake very scenic or the double deckers are only $5 from downtown very cool place and Wrigleyville is nice as well! Enjoy!

    1. Thx for the tips. I have a pretty good handle on Chicago from my journeys for MI6. I no longer need maps, I just know my way around. Red to Addison and walk the two blocks is my route. I probably have to buy Media Goon $62 worth of alcohol.

  2. PS

    Saw Tom Glavine win #300 there in August 2007 after game at Hotel he had a party with his nice family and friends and I went in and met him and he autographed the ticket from his 300th win! very cool!

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