Jim Halpert Face (63 for 63)

mr. o'metI sat down last night to write today’s lead-off article and had no idea where I was going to head.  Mrs. Mets Police was out which meant no dinner, so I busted out some Lucky Charms (they of the borderline racist logo – I mean at least it sort of makes sense that their guy is a leprechaun as opposed to Mr. Met’s borderline racist cousin or anything Notre Dame does…but I digress..) Lucky Charms and started typing.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have tons of stuff to post.  But a lot of fluff and (my new favorite term) “jersey porn.”  Jersey Porn is uniforms not anything to do with Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Despite having “stuff” I try to lead the day with words.

Anyway…I popped on to twitter and there was @darthchipper asking me to mock the mainstream media by “confirming” the Shaun Marcum reports.  Then it hit me…

Mrs. Mets Police has the Marge Face.  I have this one.  I make it a lot at my day job in counter-intelligence at MI6.  I also am increasingly making it about my favorite baseball team.

jim halpert facee


Is there anything else to be said about Marcum?  Or this team?  This Wright-less, Santana-less, Murphy-less, Outfield-less team?

You want more Jim Halpert Face?  Last night the #2 story on Mets.com was “Mets developing contingency plans for infield.”

Contingency plans for infield.  On a team with no outfield.

jim halpert face 2

And why did I head to Mets.com? I wanted to check in on ticket prices. Opening Day tickets start at just $63. Let me know when Dynamic Pricing works in the consumers’ benefit.

jim halpert face

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  1. I’m glad you’re starting to realize what I argued the day I heard about it: dynamic pricing is great in theory, but it is not allowed to work in the fan’s favor. It is glorified/legalized scalping and just a wrong way to treat your customers. If the price of gas, milk, lodging can’t be doubled during a shortage why are the Mets allowed to do it? At least return the favor and drop the price by 50% when more than half the supply is available.

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