Captain distraction?

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 7.45.58 PMI have been blogging for 5 years now, but have watched this team since 1977 and I couldn’t help but wonder about the timing of David Wright’s captaincy.

I suggest no grand conspiracy…but why a sudden low-key announcement on a random afternoon?  No pre-warning that the Mets would announce something on Thursday.  Just an “oh yeah and David is the Captain.”

I learned from West Wing that there is something called Take Out The Trash Day.  Put out some bad news when nobody is looking and if you can distract with something else.

David Wright is the new Captain…oh and Santana is probably gonna be on the DL but we’re not ready to actually admit that yet…oh and Marcum might not be ready but hey he has this injury all the time it’s cool….and there is no outfield…and now there’s no infield….and Flushing still thinks things are priced correctly.

I think Terry picked yesterday to buy time.  I don’t think the beat reporters are that easily distracted.  The fans might be, but the beat guys won’t be.

Plenty of good seats available.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 7.47.37 PM

Congratulations David, touch ’em all, you deserve it. You also deserve better.

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  1. With the Mets, it’s never what it seems, there’s always some sneaky BS going on behind the scenes. Why don’t they just come clean about Johan: is he going on the DL, is he done for good, what?!?! It’s like they caught Dolan Disease (see owner of Knicks, James Dolan) who rules MSG with an iron fist — no one’s allowed to discuss anything health-related to anyone. What a fucking way to run a business. The Wilpons aren’t going to be happy until the Mets’ home attendance is 100 people per game.

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