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I sat in my office last night thinking about what to write about and I started staring around my office where I saw this.

Lee Mazzilli bus ad

I hadn’t stared at it in a while, but there were those words. The Magic Is Back.

They lied to me.

At least this year the Mets aren’t lying. The slogan on is “Great Time. Great Place. Great Memories.” At least they aren’t trying to hogwash us with some nonsense that this team is going to win more than 63 games. As for the slogan, it’s pretty much what my attitude was in 2012: The Memories with my son are great, I always have a good time and the place ain’t half bad. Sure it has some issues that will never get fixed (cough, pexiglass) but once they painted it and added some “Mets Stuff” it got a lot better.

The Magic Isn’t Back this year, but I’m ready to sit upstairs on Opening Day.




If you’re wondering what happened to yesterday’s new design – I was having too many problems in two of the 4 major browsers and it was too much to ignore.  Expect more tinkering…

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