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“You don’t want to ruin the organization,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper, but saying it all.

via Terry Collins, New York Mets manager, emotional after Johan Santana no-hitter, feeling burden of decision to let him finish game –

I don’t know if we will ever know what caused this new shoulder injury but I can’t help but think of that night, that June 1st night, when everyone got a little too hopped up about the 0 under the H.

Maybe things would be better had Baxter let that ball drop.  Or if the umpires made a better call of the ball down the line.

Maybe this only just happened recently, this spring, when Santana did an “I’ll show them” bullpen session.

The two games Santana will be remembered for are the no-hitter, and the penultimate game of 2008 when he also went deep in an effort to keep the Mets in a pennant race.  For both, he will forever be remembered as an all-time Met.

But tonight I keep thinking back to June 1st.  A career high pitch count, for a few days of fan buzz.  Some think it was worth it.  I never did.  Anyone who knows me knows I have been debating this for months.

Maybe it wasn’t those 134 pitches.  It sure isn’t his foot/ankle/whatever else excuse people gave me all winter.

You don’t want to ruin the organization.

“Not tonight Johan, don’t even think about it.”

Alt-Terry, after the 5th inning, June 1, 2012, Mirror Universe.


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