Can you tell Game of Thrones apart from the New York Mets?

Another season is about to begin, and everyone is excited that this will be the best season ever…..of Game of Thrones.

Some of you are easily confused which is which, so let me catch everyone up to speed.

In one, the kingdom is run by the son of the previous ruler.  The new leader is not particularly well liked and some question his leadership abilities. His upbringing has led him to be completely out of touch with the common folk, not that he cares.

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Next, one of the main heroes is a righteous man who said some things about the way things were being run by the young leader.  The leader suggested that it would be best if he left for another land lest he be beheaded.

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There was a fierce warrior, stronger than all the other warriors.  He achieved feats no other man could, despite the attempts of many.  However, when his manhood was challenged he foolishly entered into battle.  Some say it was his showing off that led to his demise.

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Finally, one of these men frequently has his abilities questioned.  Despite all that, he has found a place where his spot on the team is appreciated….again, I can see where this gets confusing.

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Anyways, @ceetar disagrees with my take about young King Joffrey, and wrote about it on his own blog.

It’s easy to want to paint them as bumbling, whiny child-kings, it certainly fits some of the narrative, but I don’t think Joffrey’s the best fit. If you think about it a little, the whole Lannister clan fits the Steinbrenner family better. Joffrey is a great fit for a younger George Steinbrenner, demanding things because he is king, chopping heads because he’s angry, and throwing hissy fits when the opposition has any success.

The Wilpons are probably a better fit for Stannis Baratheon. Basically good, but completely unloved and bitter about that lack. He’s probably the rightful king, but no one really wants to see him on the throne. His actions are guided by a future-seeing witch woman, much like the Wilpons were guided by Bernie Madoff. He suffered a bad blow at the Battle of the Blackwater, but that looks to be behind him now.

via Mets Owner As Game Of Thrones King.

and Randy from The Apple has chimed in suggesting Greyjoy is a better comparison to Jeff.  I’d share his words but it gives away the joke, so go visit.


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