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The Mets did this yesterday…. (thx @mets_bro)

murphy's law citi field

Now who can tell me why that is stupid? That’s right – everyone! Everyone except the Mets. So Mets, let me help you by way of Wikipedia.

Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

The guy hits a triple and you throw up that things will go wrong?

You aren’t trying to come up some hacky name for an NBC Drama about a guy named Murphy who happens to be a lawyer.  You’re looking for something to put on a scoreboard that is catchy and Murphy-related.  Oh, I don’t know…how about…#imwith28

It already exists and it is catchy. If for some reason you are worried about the proprietorship of the hashtag just contact the guy who started it. I bet he will be happy for you to use it like you did in 2012.

Don’t overthink things. Just go with what works.

Also during the game, Cowgill homered.

What could we possibly put on the scoreboard. What is catchy that is associated with Cowgill?

That’s right: “Holy Cowgill.”

jim halpert facee

Again, don’t overthink it. More Cowgill. Catchy. Works.

I’m told there is also some awful Harvey thing floating around but I can’t remember what it is.

(update…@soozywild79 does…)

7 Nation Harvey

Now on to Security.

Yesterday at Citi Field it was quite quite cold. If you look at the crowd shots you’ll see that people migrated to the sun.

I lasted 4 innings in the shade and was freezing. I headed to the Porch. You know the big giant thing with the standing room?

There was an over-zealous supervisor type who kept coming by to ride herd on the ushers to ride herd on the fans who were JUST TRYING TO WATCH THE GAME IN THE SUN.  Standing.  Not even sneaking into seats. Standing.  On the Porch.

When 17 people are showing up for games why would the Mets allow this dude to hassle everyone?

Blah blah fire codes blah blah don’t block the aisle blah blah.

At one point a man in a wheelchair wanted to get through. Guess what, people moved out of the way and the man got through very easily.

Had a fire started I bet we would have moved.

Completely unnecessary hassling of well behaved fans just trying to stay warm.

The ONLY thing the Mets have going for them is that Citi Field is allegedly a fun place to go. Someone should remind the Porch Supervisor of this theory.

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