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Dear Mets,

Thank you for taking my suggestion that you eliminate black and bring back blue uniforms.  They look great.

However, you need to chill a bit.  Have you ever heard the phrase “too much of a good thing?”

Too much of a good thing.

Wear pinstripes and blue caps at home.  Wear road grays and blue caps on the road.

If you want to mess around with orange billed caps do it on the weekend.

If you want to mess around with blue jerseys do it like once a week.

The Mr. Met cap should never ever ever never ever be worn in a regular season game.

The “press conference cap” should never ever ever ever ever never ever never ever be worn by any human ever.

You had this down nearly perfectly in 2012 (except for letting Santana boss Kevin Kierst around and your jinxing of the season by wearing black on June 3rd).

Traditional look is best.





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