Mets should chill out with the uniform of the day

Dear Mets,

Thank you for taking my suggestion that you eliminate black and bring back blue uniforms.  They look great.

However, you need to chill a bit.  Have you ever heard the phrase “too much of a good thing?”

Too much of a good thing.

Wear pinstripes and blue caps at home.  Wear road grays and blue caps on the road.

If you want to mess around with orange billed caps do it on the weekend.

If you want to mess around with blue jerseys do it like once a week.

The Mr. Met cap should never ever ever never ever be worn in a regular season game.

The “press conference cap” should never ever ever ever ever never ever never ever be worn by any human ever.

You had this down nearly perfectly in 2012 (except for letting Santana boss Kevin Kierst around and your jinxing of the season by wearing black on June 3rd).

Traditional look is best.





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  1. Shannon Shark you are 100% right about everything you wrote. I counldnt wait for the blue jerseys to come out. But now they are over doing it. Last year was so great with Traditional..

  2. Blue Jerseys are fine once a home stand and maybe one time at each ballpark when they are the visiting team. My gripe is that they are wearing the traditional blues hats with them. The alt cap should be with the Alt jersey. Blue hat should be with snow whites, pinstripes and road jerseys. Mr. Met cap BP only.

  3. Agree

    the Mets black unis ere always a jinx and I could not bear to watch and often did not if they did! I told the mets so several times!
    I held my breath going to every Met game hoping they would not be “Mtes in Black” …The new Blue is great bright optimistic and cheerful as opposed to the other grimm dark depressing black!

  4. Vincent I agree with everything you said. When they 1st started wearing the black I did not know who I was watching.. Sad to say I skipped a lot of games during the black era. I would read the paper and box score to follow the team. When I did go to a game I prayed they would not be wearing black. I lost most of the times.
    Since last season I feel connected to this team again. I bought a 15 game pack last season and ended up going to 25 games.
    I renewed it for this season and bought other games from full season ticket holders as well.
    I went to all 4 wins on the 1st homestand. The games i did not go to they lost.

    WAtching last nights game was exciting.

    I also agree with Shannon and Media Goon. I really like these Blue Jerseys but wear them once a week with the Orange brim hat.

    Since last season I must have bought 6 new Met jerseys. I didnot buy a jersey for over 15 years due to the black issue. Irefused to buy the pinstripe or the alt whites due to the black shadow drops…People thought I was crazy.

    Even all last week I mentioned to other fans.. ” Hey I guess you did not get the memo. THe Mets do not wear black any longer”
    I know its not fair of me to say this but Its how I feel. WHen I see the Black Im bothered.

    In closing I wanted to do a promotion for a charity and the FDNY.

    BURN THE BLACK NIGHT in the Citifield PArking lot..

    I know I would be locked up and sent away to Sing Sing..

    Lets go METS!!!!!!! 5-2…..


  5. Agree completely Shannon.
    The Mets should do what other teams like the Orioles and Astros do and have a set pattern.
    Wear blue jerseys with the alternate cap on Fridays.
    ONLY wear the alternate cap with the blue jerseys.
    Wear road gray for all non-Friday road games.
    Wear the snow whites for Sunday home games.
    Wear the pinstripes for all Mon-Thurs and Saturday home games.

  6. Home and Road Blues on Fridays only.

    Stupid orange brimmed alt fitteds with Home Blues only.

    White alts w/ Blue fitteds on day games only.

    Pinstripes w/ blue fitteds at nights and Road grays all other times.

    Agreed Shannon! Fully agree with you. Keep it sparingly…don’t over use it!

  7. I love the black hybrid cap and jersey. They did over do it though. Now that the blue jerseys are here I realize they are sharp, and that the black is not all it was cracked up to be. I find it a little disturbing that Mets “fans” wouldn’t watch games because they were wearing black. I mean give me a break.

    Shannon is the because hater of the black unis and he didn’t stop watching.

    1. I initially liked the black alts, too. They were just a trendy thing everyone else was doing and a harmless change of pace. The problem became that the team a) overdid via adding black to everything else where it never, ever belonged, and b) held on to it long after the fad had passed by the rest of MLB. It got to the point where it was as if they were only doing it to tick off everybody.

  8. They wore the blue home once and the blue away once and now they are “overdoing it”? It’s only 6 games into the season, yeesh.

    And I’d like to see the Mr. Met Cap in a game. It’s too good for just BP only.

  9. While I would prefer a set home-road/day-night/holiday-weekend pattern, I’m good with what they’ve been doing so far.

    As I was saying here last night, I’m all for wearing the regular cap with the blue tops. When I saw Wright wearing the alt cap with the blue home top at his contract presser, I felt like I was being smacked in the face with a big ol’ bag of orange. Less is more sometimes. I can’t speak to the orange brim with the road blues since I haven’t seen that yet, but I’d probably like that a lot more than the alt cap/home blue combination. Now, if you REALLY want to tidy things up, just have a home cap and a road cap: wear the all-blue at home and the orange bills on the road, regardless of the jersey.

    Speaking of which, I have no supporting evidence whatsoever, but I’m getting a strong vibe that we’re going to see the orange brims with the greys before this is over, at which point Shannon’s head will explode (I’m willing to give it a shot; I’ve always liked the Cubs’ red brim with their greys).

    I will remind everyone that they did, in fact wear the alternate cap with the alternate jersey during this last home stand. It just was just the white alt jersey and not the blue one.

    All that said, the fact that the team kept the cap and jersey pairings consistent over the first home stand has me optimistic that the mix-and-match era is behind us and they’re no longer reaching into three bowls marked “Jersey,” “Cap,” and “Socks” and pulling out a random slip of paper every afternoon. That and losing the black in favor of blue was all I ever wanted out of them. Anything they do from here on out is gravy.

  10. FINALLY glad the blacks are gone, dead and buried. NEVER should have been a Met color. LOVE the blues. Don’t mind the pinstripes but LOVE the snow whites. I know it’s the Mets traditional uniform but it reeks of Yankee. Yeah, I know, orange for the Giants, blue for the Dodgers and the stripes for the Yankees. But let’s face it; the Yanks never left NY so why do the Mets have to represent them. I’d rather look more like the Dodgers than the much maligned Yankees. Just my two cents.

  11. Eliminate the snow whites! Pinstripes all the way! Don’t dilute such a great look. Wear blue once a week. You’re right on all of this. I just hate the snow whites.

  12. Switch the fabric color of the pinstripes and pinless/headspoon jerseys. Make the pins white and the pinless/headspoon off-white. The former would be historically accurate and the latter a nice fauxback.

  13. This we know of the Mets.
    If there is a mistake to be made, they will make it.
    For years, the Equipment Manager, Charlie Samuels controlled the coloring and the hand out of numbers, who oh by the way got arrested, and also gave Mex’ #17 to the likes of Dae Sung – Koo and the late Jose Lima. That is part of the reason the team continued to wear a color (black) that A) didn’t look good with the blue/orange scheme and B) was not part of said scheme in the first place.
    Both the pinstripes and the road grays, both with blue caps are some of the sharpest looking unis in baseball, and then they go to those awful two tone hats.
    ESPN host Colin Cowherd had a Mets’ rant a few years ago, that has now been made private, but he called the team, “donkey basketball.” That’s what we are, a bunch of volunteer fireman on donkeys in a high school gym raising money, which is honorable, just not what I want my MLB franchise to be fashioned after.

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