The Caine Mutiny vs. Justin Turner

caineHello.  It is last night.  The Mets are losing 8-2.  The DVR is calling me.

Cowgill vs. Mad Men:  Mad Men

Murphy vs. 3 episodes of Revolution:  Murphy

The last episode of The Bible vs. Wright:  Wright

4 episodes of Go On vs Buck:  I’m going to pick Go On

2 episodes of The Universe (that’s what I put on when I want to pass out) vs. Byrd:  Universe

4 How I Met Your Mother vs. Duda.  HIMYM

The Caine Mutiny vs. Justin Turner.  Dude, Bogart.

The last 7 Clone Wars ever vs. Tejada.  Clone Wars

And in the time I took to write that they made it 8-3.  Slightly more interesting.  But JV1 is playing.  SLightly less interesting.

8-3?  Sorry Bogie, you will have to wait another day.

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