The Rockies are wearing throwbacks on Tuesday, will the Mets?

@brianerni noticed the Rockies tweeted that they will wear throwbacks for their game against the Mets on 4/16.

Will the Mets also wear throwbacks?  Brian theorizes….

mets rockies throwbacks maybe


Traditionally the Mets keep throwback uniforms a state secret so expect to hear about this around 5pm on Tuesday.

And of course Monday is Jackie Robinson Day so everyone will wear 42.

God Bless You Howie Rose (on black Mets uniforms)
Mets #Buckup T-shirt Tuesday

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  1. I know I’m in the minority, but I always liked the 1993-94 road script, although the jerseys would have looked exponentially better without the white trim, and with added headspoon piping.

    It’ll be cool to see these again for one night, although I agree with osh41 that commemorating that particular season is questionable at best, even if it is the home team’s promotion.

  2. Dang it, I can never get this HTML to do what I want it to do. Click on the 2nd paragraph in my above comment for a photo of Homer the Beagle’s pennant.

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