The day the Mets fanbase lost their minds

Yesterday the internet lots its mind.

This nonsense that the Mets are monitoring the Stanton situation is ridiculous.  OF COURSE they are monitoring it.  That’s what Sandy does.  I hope Sandy is calling every day trying to trade JV1 for Stanton.

Can you imagine the Marlins trading Stanton and Sandy telling Jeff he didn’t know Stanton was available?

EVERYONE is on the table.

You want Derek Jeter?  Offer Wright, Niese, Harvey, Wheeler, D’Arnaud and cash.  I bet Cashman will consider it.

Consider is another great word.

Sometimes I read that the Mets have considered something.

I consider things all the time.

Maybe I should quit the blog.  Nah.

Maybe I should get a burrito.  Nah.

Both were considered yesterday.

Now, I need to scold you Mr. Internet User.  Don’t engage in internet stupidity.  An off-day column wound up being discussed on twitter and stupid radio shows and then got picked up by national outlets.

There is nothing to this.  Stanton is not coming to the Mets.  Move along.

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2 Replies to “The day the Mets fanbase lost their minds”

  1. Thank you for restoring sanity and a sense of journalistic responsibility, a quality that escapes Daily News blogger Andy Martino entirely.

    Martino is the same idiot that suggested racial tension in Met clubhouse after Wheeler plunked Aderlin Rodriguez, and jumped on Noah Syndergaard for a harmless tweet. Must have offended Martino’s private proclivities.

    Can you imagine being a GM and allowing the Marlins to pair Jose Ferndandez and Zach Wheeler, while pitching to Travis d’Arnaud. If anything, we should be exploring a trade for Ferndandez, not Stanton.

    I’m really get sick of Andy Martino. Hope Daily News pulls the plug on this idiot.

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