Harvey’s a good thing, but I don’t trust the Mets

I don’t trust the Mets.

I don’t trust dynamic pricing.

I don’t trust that they won’t jack the prices on you now that there is finally a good reason to come to the ballpark.

I don’t know that they will, but Opening Day gives me reason not to trust them.  I don’t trust that Harvey starts won’t cost more.

Will the Mets let the place fill up a little before they put on their masks and ask us to raise our hands?  We shall see.

I also don’t trust the lame duck in the dugout.  His defensive move of Baxter for Duda suggests to me that Harvey would have been allowed to stay in had he kept no-hitting the Twins.  This is where many of you get mad at me for saying things like Santana and Leary.

oh and I am told the @Mets tweeted Matt-tastic or something.  What does that even mean?

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