Mets Game from a First Timer’s Point of View.

I have a friend who is working over here in the States that is from England. She has never been to a baseball game before nor to any kind of American sporting event. I had an extra ticket to the game today and I figured what better way to introduce her to the game then by taking her to a Mets game in the section organized by The 7 Line.

hollyand company

I started off at the MTA lot and hung out with bunch of The 7 Line Army enthusiasts tailgating. My friend Holly met up with us after a while. She told me that she had talked to one of the security guys and asked, “What time is kickoff?”
The guy laughed and said to her,”You mean first pitch?.” Holly and I saw the same security guy later and she tells him I am going to go see the first pitch now and he responded with enjoy kickoff. She chuckled and right there you can tell that she was going to enjoy the day.

My seats in the Big Apple reserve happened to be next to @Mets_Bro and his girlfriend.(She will remain nameless because that poor girl has enough to deal with dating Nick.)


Need I say more? Well, anyway, the three of us explained the rules the best we could of baseball to Holly and she seemed to be getting it pretty quickly. She got into the game cheering for the Mets and getting behind the team. Holly took a walk around Citi Field by herself just to check out what was what and when she came back she told me how impressed she was with the views that she got to see. Now as a newcomer to the ballpark, Holly isn’t as nit picky as most of us are when it comes to the things that drive us crazy with some of the sight lines.

7 line horowi

The one thing she did remark on is how the rest of the park wasn’t as fun as The 7 Line section. It reminded her of soccer matches back in England where everyone was in sync with cheering their team and just having a good time enjoying the game. She even took the loss in stride. I guess because Holly hasn’t felt the weight of the many losses the Mets have had over the years on her shoulders. I do think that Darren(@The7Line, Nick(@Mets_Bro) his GF, PokeStack (@Tezzanym), ME(that’s right Holly’s my friend, I invited her, so I am taking credit too) and the Mets might have made a new Mets Fan out of her.

End of Day shot


Video from the 4/20/13 Mets Game
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  1. I’ve been to a 15 or so English soccer games. The atmosphere at a baseball game is nothing like those. English soccer fans are much more intense. That can be a good thing. I remember my first time at a game in England I was thinking about how I’d have loved some of that “edge” at Shea Stadium.

    However, English soccer fans can also be scary. I took my family to a game once (at The Hawthornes – West Bromwich Albion) and our seats were among a group of venomous fans. If I’d been alone I might not have cared, but I had my wife, two daughters and my young son with me. The chanting, the behavior of the fans, the general atmosphere was too tense, too grim, too angry, too ugly. I was glad to get out of there.

  2. I agree with Holly. The worst game I ever went to was when I was surrounded by a bunch of loudmouth Phillies fans. It was horrible! I think if you’re a fan of the visiting team, you should have to designate that when you buy your tickets. That way I know which seats in which section to avoid..

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