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mets logoMan, I am so excited about that guy who is currently doing well. He is a lock for the All Star Game!

You know who I can’t stand?  Whoever pitched poorly most recently.  That guy is a bum and the Mets should get rid of him.

I think what the Mets need is better starting pitching.  Why they don’t just go out and get better starting pitching is beyond me.

That guy in a slump is a bum.  Last week when he was hitting home runs I thought he had turned a corner, but now that he is slumping the Mets should get rid of him.

The Mets should call the Marlins and take Stanton off their hands.  Sandy should easily be able to trade some prospects for Stanton.  Maybe throw in some bum nobody wants, I think the Marlins need pitching.   Stanton would make the outfield better.  Ownership must be too cheap to trade for Stanton.  Why wouldn’t the Marlins want prospects?

Who I absolutely LOVE is the guy who is pitching well this month.  He is better than Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Tom Seaver and Dwight Gooden (early years only) rolled into one.  The Mets should get more guys like him.  What they really oughta do is call up the other guys from the minors.

With a rotation of This Guy, That Guy and The Other Guy, plus Stanton, the Mets should run away with this thing.


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10 Replies to “Generic Mets Blog Post”

  1. Generic MetsBlog comment: Niese sucks, Gee sucks, Murphy sucks, Collins sucks, Y NO OUTFIELD SANDY??????????????

  2. Yes Shannon, mock the comment section of MetsBlog instead of the contributors who routinely make spelling and grammatical, as well as
    factual errors. Just last night it said, ” Kershaw is now 6-0 against the Mets. Same stuff happens all the time. Of course, being critical of the content is not going to get you linked.

    Please just worry about your own blog and maybe attracting MORE readers instead of alienating the few that you have.

    1. How am I mocking the MetsBlog comments section? While I read MetsBlog something like 3x a day I don’t often go into the comments.

      I kinda mock everything. Have you not been party to my twitter confirmations?

      Anyways not sure what touched a nerve here – I just riffed a post because I had nothing to write about.

      1. No, you mocked the commenters, not the site. You can learn a heck of a lot more from some of these people than you could ever learn from Cerrone or Baron.

        I guess you must have missed the daily posts all winter about what it would take to get JUpton, even after it became clear that we couldn`t match the other packages being offered.

        No biggie. I just thought it was a little unfair and ridiculous for Cerrone to link to, after the Jupton posts all winter long. Looked for you on twitter, but couldn`t find you.

        1. Erin, how can you not find @metspolice on twitter? Shannon has his twitter handle right in his response to you.

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