Welcome to the second half

What’s blue and orange and is playing like it’s after the All Star Break?

I know this is a similar post to yesterday morning’s post, but the fact is I’m Mets Depressed.

There isn’t much to grab on to right now except for Harvey.  And one of these times through the rotation they are going to lose on Harvey Day and then it is going to be a long, long, long week.

My mind keeps picturing the 2014 Marketing.  It’s a poster of Wheeler, Harvey, D’Arnaud, Wright and Wally Backman.  If I didn’t stink at photoshop I’d make it myself.

The Mets should fatten up on Miami…after all .290 baseball leaves them on pace to win 38 games (can you imagine) but the Mets are playing .435 now which paces them for 70 wins.  I still say 63-99 and hope I am wrong.


Must-see Matt Harvey as NY Mets phenom already giving SNY a ratings boost    - NY Daily News
Rick Camp played memorable role in classic Braves-Mets marathon from 1985 | The Strike Zone - SI.com

3 Replies to “Welcome to the second half”

  1. This team has turned me into a check and see once a week type of thing. See what Harvey did in his game and wait till he comes around again.

    You think the crowds have been bad so far? By May it will be “Vendors & Crickets”

    I guess we should talk about when the manager is going to get fired. Before or after the All Star game.

    Good thing we have more than a 3 game lead over the fish or we could be battling for the basement in April.


  2. You guys kill me. What the F*** did you expect???
    Plus those of you that re-upped for Packs, Plans & Season tickets need to have your heads examined!!!!

  3. Harvey and Niese and the rest be deceased. I know it’s a rebuilding period but I need them to be more interesting than the next movie in my netflix queue.

    Teams always look worse than they are when they don’t hit. This is a 74-75 win team AT BEST so we need to all accept that. The pen is a killer yet again – if they were mediocre they’d be a few games better but they’re getting burned out because we have 2 starters who we can depend on. Wheeler needs to string together a few good starts and get here, then the kid catcher comes. Until then they need to play better to keep any attention on them.

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