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What’s blue and orange and is playing like it’s after the All Star Break?

I know this is a similar post to yesterday morning’s post, but the fact is I’m Mets Depressed.

There isn’t much to grab on to right now except for Harvey.  And one of these times through the rotation they are going to lose on Harvey Day and then it is going to be a long, long, long week.

My mind keeps picturing the 2014 Marketing.  It’s a poster of Wheeler, Harvey, D’Arnaud, Wright and Wally Backman.  If I didn’t stink at photoshop I’d make it myself.

The Mets should fatten up on Miami…after all .290 baseball leaves them on pace to win 38 games (can you imagine) but the Mets are playing .435 now which paces them for 70 wins.  I still say 63-99 and hope I am wrong.


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