Mets games sound better on AM

I mentioned on twitter last night (@metspolice) that I think that the games sound better on AM radio rather than the fancy new FM signal the sports station has.

Surprisingly, everyone agreed.

I don’t know if it’s the warmth of the crowd, or a nostalgia thing…but I just like it better.  When I switch over to FM it sounds like Howie and Josh are in an atmosphere-free glass booth.


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8 Replies to “Mets games sound better on AM”

  1. It definitely sounds better to me because I am too far north to get FM. I don’t know why a non-music station could even think about cutting its signal by 2/3 by going to FM. At night I’ve gotten the FAN in the Adirondacks, Maine, Virginia, and other far away areas. It can be hard getting the FM signal in Connecticut.

  2. Totally agree. My girlfriend and I tried listening to a game on the FM station and kept going back to AM to compare it. After a couple innings we concluded AM was definitely the way to go. FM sounded too sanitized, almost too slick for baseball…just didn’t sound right at all.

  3. I like the FM signal — I’m in central Jersey & it’s nice & clear. I understand about atmosphere though…I’ve never heard Howie os clear before. It took some getting used to. But prefer the FM b/c there’s no high-pitched noise blocking out the broadcast whenever I go through a traffic light (like there is on AM).

  4. We used to get 660 all the way down in Georgia at nights when I was a kid. We don’t ever try anymore, thanks to Extra Innings and making it irrelevant (not to mention the app that allows me to listen to WFAN all the time), but there were many a night when I was eight and nine years old when Dad and I would sit in the driveway and fiddle with the high powered AM receiver we had to find the clearest version of the Mets game.

    And it was awesome.

  5. CBS Radio doesn’t care about nighttime listeners in Georgia, Maine or wherever. As long as WFAN can reach Greater New York, that is all CBS Radio cares about.

    You should be worried about WFAN’s attitude toward other sports. Last spring the New Jersey Devils were in the Stanley Cup Final — and WFAN gave the Mets priority. This spring the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA are in the Playoffs — and WFAN gives the Mets priority.

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