Who is getting psyched for Mets Banner Day?

Sorry I haven’t been beating the drum as loudly as I should…but it’s been a busy stretch of road trips.

But last night I started getting really psyched for Banner Day.  Who else is coming?

Here’s a teaser video to convince you to join us!

Vintage Daily News Mets '86 ad with cool jerseys
Wounded vets meet with David Wright

7 Replies to “Who is getting psyched for Mets Banner Day?”

  1. Get a new job! I don’t have a Mets App to read so I can open it and catch your wise arse, negative catchphrases.
    I’m a Mets fan. I’m not chipping in $800 a seat to sit in the Tier at Yankee Cathedral to buy this years MVP.
    Catch them doing things right.

    1. Wow, and I thought I get loopy when I don’t get enough sleep. Was this in code? Hey Shannon, we are part of an App?

  2. I’m excited! We finished our banner last weekend. It won’t win any awards, but it conveys our family’s love and optimism for the team . Hoping the weather stays like this!

  3. Osh41 will be there. This ensures that Metspolice can leave me alone about going to Banner Day until 2014.

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