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It led to a comment like this from one prominent blogger who wrote last week:  Happy that the Mets had won, although it a homer was by my 25th favorite Met, I rolled over, hit off and drifted off to dreams of updating this post in the morning.What kind of message is that?

via Valdespin Is Getting the Beltran/Tejada Treatment… Shocker… | Mets Merized Online.

Dear Joe,

To answer the direct question, the message was that I went to bed early, and that the Mets had won on a home run by my 25th favorite Met.  There were 24 other players who could have homered that would have made me even happier.

Sometimes I just don’t enjoy a player.  There is a chapter in my eBook about John Franco.  Other Mets I did not enjoy include Jeff Kent, Ryan Thompson, Lastings Milledge, Doug Sisk, Garry Templeton, and Bobby Valentine (manager version, I liked the player.)

Which Met should be my 25th favorite?   Am I allowed to like some more than others?

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