The People’s Banner Day rules

I am looking forward to Banner Day as you probably know. A few rules.

1. Don’t be a jerk.

If you are frustrated with Wilpons or parking prices or the color of the fence, this is not the day. You don’t show up at family parties and start cursing everyone out. Stay positive.

2. No excuses

Come on dude, you had months to plan. We even got the dang date moved. Show up.

3. Make a banner

Again, no excuses. Go to the Dollar Store and buy a poster board. Scribble Let’s Go Mets on it. Done.

4. It never rains on Banner Day

This is just a rule. No excuses.


Here is a teaser for my banner.



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5 Replies to “The People’s Banner Day rules”

  1. What’s the best spot to watch the banners? Field level, I’m guessing, but is there a better side!

    1. From what I remember from last year, probably 3rd base line. They parade from the outfield counterclockwise along the edge.

      1. I know what time registration starts. For fans just looking to view….what time do they typically have parade the banners? No one in the Mets ticket office was clear.

  2. Could not disagree more on rule #1 including the Wilpons. It’s not called being a jerk to want the Wilpons out. It’s called being a fan. I hope every single banner has “fire wilpon” somewhere on it.

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