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I kinda loved this.

I kinda loved this.

It’s Mother’s Day so to all you mothers out there, Happy Birthday!

Over at Uni Watch I guest posted some Banner Day thoughts which I have posted below (I can steal from myself, right?) I have some other thoughts on Banner Day but I also have a lawn to mow, a soccer game to coach, MI6-work to do, and oh yeah it’s Mother’s Day. The thoughts may wait until tomorrow. Only 99 Banners? Cue the Marge Face. Anyway…



I showed up at Banner Day at 9:30 and was a little worried about the turnout given the forecast.

When you line up you are given a sticker.  I was given a sticker that will make it very easy to start campaigning for Banner Day 2014 although from what I am hearing I don’t think Banner Day is on any kind of bubble, and is now back for the foreseeable future.

I promised everyone it wouldn’t rain (I stuck to my “it never rains on Banner Day” guns and got away with it until the middle of the 9th, which was quite good enough.)  The Mets served us coffee and donuts.

The line itself is a great hang.  Mr. Met came by.  I had a lengthy conversation with a Mets Executive.  I took lots of pictures.

Once you’re on the field it’s really cool.  It’s hard to put to words but it’s just fun.  And then you stand before the judges.

Banner Day is all about fathers and sons.  As I am writing you this my son is standing next to me wondering what we can do for next year and asking if I have any ideas.  Mission accomplished: he had a great day!

I reminded him that I barely had an idea for this year, but we did pretty well with Smurphy.  Smurphy was mine, but at the last second it dawned on me that a cute kid might do better with the judges than a fat guy, so we swapped banners.  Turns out both Josh Lewin (radio) and Kevin Burkhardt (TV) mentioned us on the broadcasts.

Matt Harvey is getting lots of love, and it was nice to see my #imwith28 hashtag on someone else’s banner.

Whether you think Byrd is the word, or you just dressed as a chicken it was a great day.  Maybe for Banner Day 2014 Keith Hernandez will have his number retired and his mustache unretired,

In the end, only 99 banners were part of the parade, down from around 300 last year.  That’s disappointing, but I think this video will convince everyone it’s a great time and more folks should participate next year.


Media Goon does have an awesome mom, but he lacks a Mrs. Media Goon to give him Marge Face if he blogs all day (“I let you hang out with your friends all day yesterday….”) so Goon you’re on pink bats/Harvey/crowd duty.

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Mr. Met, Pedro and My Mom
The B-Mets Mother's Day jersey