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images-1Hello and thanks again for reading.

I’m heading out on another spy mission out of the country for MI6 and won’t be around much.  I will have almost no access to the internet.  (I know, right?)

Anyways – the blog should sail along just fine.  There are a ton of posts scheduled.  @mediagoon will handle the Subway Series, and Franco Night and the inevitable news and comments moderation and submissions.

If you want to send something in for the blog please send it to  He also can be found on twitter @mediagoon

If David Wright retires and you see we haven’t posted anything in a few hours that means that Goon is missing in which case bug @dtwohig or hell even @ceetar and maybe someone will post something.

I’m around Friday and Saturday but I wanted to catch everyone before you scattered for the holiday weekend.
Just As Soon Kiss A Mookiee Podcast (Shannon and Jason Fry talk Mets and Star Wars)

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Fireworks Night Mets Crowd Shots
Here's an actual Mets Memorial Day camo cap