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mr met lady met bobbleheadI was thinking about how the season is another disaster and how not too many people showed up at Citi Field this weekend and thus it occurs to me that the Mets need to get more out of Mr. Met.

The Mets need to make sure that every fan who comes to Citi Field has the best time ever. I don’t mean a good time. I don’t mean an ok time. I don’t mean that the ushers weren’t jerks. I mean the best time ever.

Mr. Met would be a good start to that.

Mr. Met does a good job, but is it enough?

Pre-game I see a decent amount of Mister..but then…

I rarely run into Mr. Met in the hallways during the game. Do you?

I almost never see him upstairs.  Do you?

Some have suggested to me that he is very busy and that he is working the suites.  That may make sense for The Business, but it leaves a lot of us common folks out in the cold.

If Mr. Met cannot be everywhere at once, maybe it is time to dust off the Lady Met character.  Let her walk around and take pictures with fans.  Maybe she could pass out some t-shirts to the fans in the uppers (it’s not just the rich folks who like t-shirts).

The Mets don’t have much going for them.  If they are lucky enough to have someone pay to get into Wilponland, they should make sure that the fan has the best time they have ever had.  Getting more out of Mr. Met and family would be a great start.


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