John Franco likes blue uniforms, would love Old Timers Game, gives you ice cream

john franco ice creamThanks to @Ceetar for covering this event today.  John Franco gave out Good Humor ice cream at Bryant Park.  The woman in the photo is not @ceetar.   Photo courtesy of The Apple.  Ceetar courtesy of Optimistic Mets Fan


Ceetar: “Let’s start with the easy question. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?”

John Franco: “The Chocolate Candy Crunch. Vanilla and chocolate with a candy bar in the middle.”

Ceetar: “I like that one too, it’s a good one.”



Ceetar: “So have you gotten a chance to see any of Matt Harvey? What do you think of him?”

John Franco: “Harvey’s the real deal. He’s going to be a very good pitcher for a long time.”



Ceetar: “Would you be interested, if the Mets were going to bring it back, would you play in an Old-Timers game?”

John Franco: “Absolutely. I would love to, I think it’d be great if they do.”



Ceetar: “I know you’ve done some coaching with the Mets in Spring Training, have you given any thought to doing it more full time?”

John Franco: “Not right now. I have a son who’s in collge, and I enjoy going around seeing him play. Maybe down the road, enjoying my freedom right now.”

Ceetar: “How’s he doing, going to be a Met?”

John Franco: “Maybe one day, I dunno, we’ll see.”



Ceetar: “The Mets have introduced a new blue alternate uniform, do you like that?”

John Franco: “I think they’re great.”

Ceetar: “Better than the black?”

John Franco: “Much better, those are the Mets colors, the blue.”


Ceetar: “Last question is from Darren of @The7line, he wants to know how many times you rode the Cyclone growing up.”

John Franco: “Too many, I got the bad back to prove it.” *laughing*


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