What’s different and new at Citi Field for the Home Run Derby and All Star Game

Some things to be aware of as you head to Citi Field today and tomorrow.

1. There is no standing room on the Pepsi Porch on Monday. I believe it will be allowed on Tuesday.

2. We are hearing, but unconfirmed, that you will not be allowed to stay put on Shea Bridge. I’m hearing that it will be for walk-thru traffic only. This is unconfirmed and may be incorrect.

3. There is a TV set taking up space on the bridge.

TV set on Shea Bridge

4. There is a bar outside the Rotunda. Seems promising. Mets Police reminds you to drink responsibly and to never ever drink and drive. ¬†UPDATE – looked like a bar to me, folks are telling me they will give you samples of Budweiser products but it’s not a full bar. ¬†Seems worth checking out anyway.

bar outside citi field for all star game

4a. If you take a picture of the bar like this it looks way cooler than it really is.

bar outside citi field

5. There is a pop-up store for Sporting Goods Establishment outside the Rotunda

sporting goods store outside citi field

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  1. The bar outside the rotunda is sampling of bud heavy and bud crowne only. No buying and selling although they will give you a good number of samples.

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