Looks like I picked the wrong night to go to bed after 8 innings


My most precious commodity is time. I can’t waste time. There is no way to creat time and no way to get it back. I try to live a full life and use every second of my days.

One of the things I do is I run. It’s an effort to see if I can make it to 2069 so that I can complain that the Mets aren’t doing enough to celebrate the 100th anniversary. I am currently training for the marathon.

On Saturday I did the “long run.” This takes several hours. After hitting my kids’ soccer games I needed a window of time. I could run or I could watch Mets-Marlins. Run.

I got home and Mrs. MP suggested the family go to dinner. Time with family or Mets-Marlins? Family.

Sunday, again after soccer, the choices were Red Zone or Mets-Marlins. Red Zone. I eventually switched to the Mets for the 11th inning. I hadn’t missed anything.

No game Monday.

Tuesday I found that the more I thought about Jerry in the booth the more it annoyed me. I really like Jerry. I knew about Jerry way before you, unless you were watching Late Night with David Letterman back before Keith and Ron were Mets. (Greg Prince please fact-check Jerry’s first Letterman appearance). I also knew there would be a zillion lame Seinfeld jokes on twitter. So I gave myself the night off.

Last night I had to run. In the dark. These marathons don’t train themselves. Got home a like 8:30. Mrs. MP needed me to do something on the computer. Now it is 9. A bowl of cereal for dinner and popped on twitter. Everyone said the game sucked. Rather than head to the recliner with the laptop I went upstairs. Saw it was the bottom of the 8th and it was boring. So I went back to watching the History of the Eagles which has me transfixed.

Looks like I picked the wrong night to go to bed after 8 innings.

You can rip me for being a bad Mets fan. I bet I have watched more innings than you this season even if my percentage drops to 96% this week. But I say this is on the Mets.

I have logged my fair share of hours watching awful Mets teams. There are about 8000 posts on this site if you want to check my resume.

Those Mets teams at least had a future to watch.

This product being rolled out this September is useless. These aren’t even the 2014 Mets. These are warm bodies to run out the clock.

Should I get attached to Dice-K, Harang, Brown, poor Tejada, Cetneno? Is Duda the future or tge past? Are Satin and Brown truly ever day MLBers? Should I hope lots of balls get hit to deep center so I can watch a fly shagging contest? Should. Put up with seven or eight nobodies (unlike Howie I will use the word) until Murphy is up?

What exactly is this product?

Look I am glad the Mets won. I’m actually not that sad I missed it. I will be there (by my TV) for the day game. Friday night works. Weekends during soccer season, less so.

Oh, and Qualcomm rules.

How are you doing?

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3 Replies to “Looks like I picked the wrong night to go to bed after 8 innings”

  1. so the mets win a meaningless september game with late inning heroics and you are mad you missed it? your sleep is more important.

  2. This is going to sound kinda smart-assed, but I’m actually being totally sincere when I say it:

    That you continue to post these long diatribes about how much you’ve LOST interest fascinates me to no end.

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