Mets sign free agent OF Curtis Granderson | Metsblog

Mets sign free agent OF Curtis Granderson | Metsblog.

So other sites do this “breaking news” thing better than we do.

I’m glad that the Mets made a move.  I worry that Citi Field will siphon his power and that he will get booed.  I hope that I am very wrong.

Also please note that the #14 is unavailable and the #28 is taken.


Not @mediagoon’s Mets caps #6: pinstriped cap
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  1. The power thing is a legit concern. I saw a graphic, and a lot of his Yankee Stadium homers were to right, which is a pretty cheap shot at Yankee Stadium. Right’s a little better at Citi these days than in ’09, but it’s still not a short porch like they have in the Bronx.

  2. But, like you said, it’s a move. After three years of ordering off the dollar menu when it came to free agents, we needed to make a splash this off-season.

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