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Which of the following scenarios would be acceptable to you?

Scenario #1:  NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt announced that NBC will continue to show crappy low-rated shows until more viewers begin watching NBC.  “If our ratings go up, then we will air better programs.”

Scenario #2:  Joe, owner of Joe’s Diner announced that Joe’s Diner will continue serving crappy food until more customers come in.  “Once people start flocking to Joe’s then we can start serving a better quality cheeseburger.”

Scenario #3:  A general manager of a baseball club in the number one market reportedly told his most loyal customers that he will spend more money on players provided that more fans come to games to see the current players.


How did this become my problem?

If I don’t attend games then you won’t improve the product?  We all have to drive Ford Pintos until all the Pintos sell, then Ford will make a better car?  WHAT?

If people don’t start reading Mets Police in droves then I am going to start writing lower quality articles.  Once site traffic goes up then I will make Mets Police better.   WHAT??????






Winning is the only thing that works.  See historical attendance.  We’ll get into that tomorrow.

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