Mets vs. Presidents

A President and a similarly named Met.  We compare.  One wins.

Gary Carter vs Jimmy Carter

gary carter

EDGE: Gary Carter had a much better 80’s than Jimmy.




Al Jackson vs Andrew Jackson

andrew jackson

EDGE: Andrew Jackson, his face is on the $20 yo.




Stanley Jefferson vs. Thomas Jefferson

thomas jefferson

EDGE: Thomas Jefferson.  Louisiana Purchase vs a one year Met.





Howard Johnson vs. Lyndon Johnson


EDGE: LBJ.  This was close. I feel like both could have accomplished more.




Trot Nixon vs. Richard Nixon


EDGE:  Richard Nixon.  You forgot Trot was a Met in 2008




George Theodore vs Theodore Roosevelt

teddy roosevelt

EDGE: Teddy.  What? Suddenly we’re going to act like this post had integrity and that I stretched the rules?

Anyway, you know how some players are on the Mount Rushmore Of Teams?  Teddy is on Mt. Rushmore




Claudell Washington vs George Washington

george washington


EDGE: come on.

Mookie Wilson vs Woodrow Wilson



EDGE:  Mookie.  This play forever.



Pat Zachry vs Zachry Taylor

Pat Zachry

EDGE: Pat Zachry.  One replaced a Hall of Famer.  The other replaced James Polk.



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2 Replies to “Mets vs. Presidents”

  1. You missed little known Met Brian Buchanan (appeared in two games in
    August of 2004) and not so famous James Buchanan an ineffective one term
    president who preceded Lincoln. Also I think you should have used Hawk
    Taylor against Zachary Taylor makes more sense than Pat Zachry. By that
    logic you could have included J.C. Martin Versus Martin Van Buren.

  2. Also, reconsider HOJO versus the worst president ever (in my opinion) LBJ. not only could HOJO hit better but I think he would have been a superior president!

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