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A President and a similarly named Met.  We compare.  One wins.

Gary Carter vs Jimmy Carter

gary carter

EDGE: Gary Carter had a much better 80’s than Jimmy.




Al Jackson vs Andrew Jackson

andrew jackson

EDGE: Andrew Jackson, his face is on the $20 yo.




Stanley Jefferson vs. Thomas Jefferson

thomas jefferson

EDGE: Thomas Jefferson.  Louisiana Purchase vs a one year Met.





Howard Johnson vs. Lyndon Johnson


EDGE: LBJ.  This was close. I feel like both could have accomplished more.




Trot Nixon vs. Richard Nixon


EDGE:  Richard Nixon.  You forgot Trot was a Met in 2008




George Theodore vs Theodore Roosevelt

teddy roosevelt

EDGE: Teddy.  What? Suddenly we’re going to act like this post had integrity and that I stretched the rules?

Anyway, you know how some players are on the Mount Rushmore Of Teams?  Teddy is on Mt. Rushmore




Claudell Washington vs George Washington

george washington


EDGE: come on.

Mookie Wilson vs Woodrow Wilson



EDGE:  Mookie.  This play forever.



Pat Zachry vs Zachry Taylor

Pat Zachry

EDGE: Pat Zachry.  One replaced a Hall of Famer.  The other replaced James Polk.



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