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Here’s an idea that popped into my mind today.

A late night show on SNY.  Think “The Daily Show meets The Mets.”


Host: local NYC comedian who knows the Mets.  I don’t mean Seinfeld…this has to be done on budget.  There are a thousand working comics in NYC who would love to have a steady gig.


Where: recorded at Citi Field.  A desk, a chair and a camera.


How (Home Games):  For purposes of discussion assume a night-game during the week.  We could argue about weekends and days off and all that but since this idea will never happen let’s skip all that for now.  It’s also hard to do these without an audience…although for home games maybe you do it at McFadden’s?  Hmmm.

The host gets to Citi Field at normal media arrival time.  Whenever Burkhardt gets there this guy gets there.  Armed with his (or her) comedic skill and camera they have pre-game to look for funny Man on the Street stuff in the stands.  Or pre-tabs some celebrities who are coming to the game (Mets offer tickets, celeb does quick hit.)

Then watch the game and get ready to make fun of the parts that are make funnable.  This is not an insurmountable task.  We all do it on twitter every game.  It doesn’t have to be mean…but a picture of Ike Davis in a cowboy hat or Matt Harvey in a towel begs for some riffs.

After the game – rip off Kiner’s Korner.  Tape a quick segment with the star of the game.

Now 11:30 comes….do a three joke monologue about the game.  Sit at desk.  Roll “highlights” and goof on them.   Commercials.  Run the “Kiner’s Korner” tape. Commercials.  Run the “man on the street” stuff.  Commercials.  Say good night.


Harder (Away Games): again since this isn’t going to happen I don’t want to rack my brain too hard (although if SNY wants me to I like money).  Maybe you take it on the road.  Maybe you just do it on the Citi Field set and have someone at the road game grab an interview over the uplink.  I’d have to think it through.  Maybe you start out small and just don’t do it after away games.


Harder Still (Finances):  over at SNY they are reading this wondering how the hell they could pay for such a thing or how they could make money off it.  Why not just replay SportsNite?   I get it.

I don’t know.  Its just an idea.  But it could be a cool idea.  Remember this gem from Fallon?



Again I concede plenty of kinks to work out..but I like the idea from pure-creative.

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