Parking at CitiField Has Gone Up

This just caused a mini uproar on twitter- This is from the Mets homepage. The price last year was $20 to park.

Citi Field Parking Rates
Pre-season / Regular Season
Cars: $22.00
Buses/Oversized: $40.00
Cars: $25.00
Buses/Oversized: $60.00
Special Events
Cars: $30.00
Buses/Oversized: $80.00
U.S. Open
Cars: $22.00
Buses/Oversized: $40.00

Any commuters entering Southfield parking lot after 9am on day games will be charged the event rate of $22.00. Any commuter entering Southfield parking lot after 12(noon) on night games will be charged event rate of $22.00.

I wonder if it will be cheaper when the parking lot is turned into a mall with mall parking. Speaking of that how do you differentiate between mall shoppers and Mets fans parking for a game? Is there dynamic parking pricing?

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  1. There is dynamic (event price) parking at the garages surrounding Highlander Field, and at the nearby Bronx Terminal Mall (great parking there FYI). Historically it’s the norm at garages inside the MSG sphere of influence (Garden Event Rates) But for the ‘Pons? Ugh. Take the train.

  2. Trains is 20 R/T for one person at least with a car you can get four people for the same price. Best bargain is the corner bar. You get take the twenty and buy at least 4 beers

    1 beer at shiti field= 10
    1 nosebleed ticket=25
    1 train ticket from suffolk county 20
    55 dollars. 5 a beer at the local bar = 11 beers plus buy backs,. you can get a good buzz and also leave a good tip

  3. I always park in the College Point section of Flushing, then walk thru Flushing Meadow Park.  Always find free parking, and my car was never messed with. Takes me about 12 minutes to walk from there to the stadium.  Have been doing this since the mid-19990’s,  Never had any problems, even at night.

  4. bigmetsfan1 Trying to make up for the “no shows” this year? Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

  5. bigmetsfan1 They should offer free parking to their loyal fans who have put up with inept ownership for years

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