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This just caused a mini uproar on twitter- This is from the Mets homepage. The price last year was $20 to park.

Citi Field Parking Rates
Pre-season / Regular Season
Cars: $22.00
Buses/Oversized: $40.00
Cars: $25.00
Buses/Oversized: $60.00
Special Events
Cars: $30.00
Buses/Oversized: $80.00
U.S. Open
Cars: $22.00
Buses/Oversized: $40.00

Any commuters entering Southfield parking lot after 9am on day games will be charged the event rate of $22.00. Any commuter entering Southfield parking lot after 12(noon) on night games will be charged event rate of $22.00.

I wonder if it will be cheaper when the parking lot is turned into a mall with mall parking. Speaking of that how do you differentiate between mall shoppers and Mets fans parking for a game? Is there dynamic parking pricing?

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