Mike Puma tweeted an apology to Colon

I haven’t had coffee yet but it appears to me this tweet was sent at 1:30am.  But it was a late night at the ballpark and that’s probably when Mike was wrapped.

Also, if we aren’t allowed to bust chops on twitter my whole act is in major trouble.

I think the guy riffed a line.  My friends called me Mr. Cheesy Pants for years because I somehow had nacho cheese on my pants in a bar one night.  I still talk to them.

Also in the bar that night was Chris Russo.  While he did not interact with Mr. Cheesy it’s still fun for any of us to bust into a half-ass Mad Dog impression and say “hey there Mr. Cheesy Pants!”

I dunno.  What do you guys think?

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3 Replies to “Mike Puma tweeted an apology to Colon”

  1. Thing is, no one got all upset about Puma’s “peanut butter” tweet during the game. That could definitely be considered just “riffing a line”.  It was his using it in his column, along with an other fat reference.. And, the Post’s classless “Praise the Lard” plastered across the top of the back page, and the “Lardball” used headlining the coverage of the game.

  2. This wasn’t an apology.Saying he “didn’t mean to offend” is not the same thing as an apology.If he felt he said something wrong he should have stated that and said he was sorry for it.If he didn’t feel he said anything wrong then tweeting this makes him a hypocrite caving to pressure.

  3. Remember, at big city newspapers the reporters don’t write the headlines. Wonder what would have happened if Martino or some Daily News hack did the same thing, with all their financial ties to Sterling …. Mets and the Wilpons?

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