Golden Goose Subway Series not sold out

The Mets emailed me from “ ticketing” and the email included a link for the Subway Series.  I decided to see if I could attend the May 14th game with 11 friends.

subway series tickets


Nice.  And only $78 in fees.

I could not be bothered to check the next night’s game or the games in Fake New Yankee Stadium…but that’s what the comments section is for.  Also feel free to weigh in on $45 for 536.

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7 Replies to “Golden Goose Subway Series not sold out”

  1. Weekday just isn’t as accessible. I think the early May bits hurt it too. It’s still probably 85% sold at this point and probably people will buy last minute. 

    Yankee Stadium III is a little bit better, but not much. More of the cheap seats are sold but the cost differential is bigger there and the season ticket base is higher as well. Probably 90% sold out there.

  2. metspolice Citi probably about 80-85% sold, YSIII about 90%. Mid-week pretty much killed it.

  3. Also let’s remember that neither team is nt really good. When was the last tiied that happened?
    Plus you have to feel a bit ripped off as a fan when they “jack the prices” to watch two crappy teams!

  4. If I can’t sit “between the bases,” I don’t go.  If those seats are in the upper deck, I don’t go. If those seats are more than $75 a piece for a regular season game…well you get the idea.

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