Nitpicking the Mets fans in MLB: The Show 14 (especially the Quintanilla fan)

Our friend Mr. @Readtheapple tweeted at me…

As if I am sitting on my deck all afternoon looking for some minute to blog about.  Oh wait, I am.

Mr. The Apple says

So apparently you can’t use the Mets alternate blue uniforms in the game but for some reason the fans in the stands have them? WTF? It even has the new Mr. Met sleeve patch if you look closely.

Well that is stupid.  But lets look at these fans.  I know this is dark but this isn’t important enough to me to run through photoshop.

mlb the show 14

The guy in the middle next to the Fudweiser logo is wearing a number zero jersey.  They don’t sell those.  Did he go to StitchesNY and have a custom Quintanilla made?  I don’t think so because the number doesn’t really match the lettering and Stitches would get that right.

Why is he with a Giants fan (on the left as you look at this.)

I like that in the front row we are seeing some quality blue caps…low crown too.

Can you believe the Mets are charging a buck fifty for cheese sauce?  At least pretzels are only $3.50.  Who the hell is ordering the clam chowder?

Why is nobody tweeting in this photo?

Why did they went until the nicest day of the year to release this game? I am not sitting in a basement to play this today.

Here’s the video..



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3 Replies to “Nitpicking the Mets fans in MLB: The Show 14 (especially the Quintanilla fan)”

  1. I traded in my PS3 Version of MLB the Show 14 at my local Gamestop using my Power Up reward  MLB the Show 14 upgrade coupon. I have not yet had the chance to play my PS4 Version.

  2. metspolice too bad u can’t wear those jerseys or the white ones buuuuullllshit!

  3. The Mets uniforms are always screwed up. You can’t wear white or blue alternates. The road uniform has a black drop shadow and the dugout jackets have black as well. It’s terrible looking and it’s not like these are new additions for this year! (Although they did add the camo uniforms)

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