Ron Darling did not read his Open Letter to Mets fans

ron darling at qbc14

Ron Darling was on with Joe and Evan today 

“if I explain completely how it went I am throwing someone else under the bus.  I think I have to own up to what I own up to and that is I was asked to put my likeness and name to something.  I did not read what was going to be put out there.”

“I didn’t do my due diligence to read what went out.”

Ron is being genuine and not jerky and not trying to blame others.

Ronnie goes on to say that “it seems that everything that comes out from the Mets is looked at poorly.”  Ron alludes to a disconnect with the fans that perhaps should be reevaluated.

Please listen to the interview yourself since it is important to hear Ronnie’s tone as the words themselves may fuel a firestorm.

However, tomorrow is an off-day and there will be no news to knock this off the news cycle, so if you work in Flushing you might want to baton down the hatches.

It is still unknown if Keith either wrote or read the letter.


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2 Replies to “Ron Darling did not read his Open Letter to Mets fans”

  1. Am I the only one who fails to see the big deal about the letter? I mean, who cares? It’s not pandering, or insulting, or manipulating. It was a reaction to the NYT map, sure. But it’s not an offensive gesture, by any means. Yes, I know the line is “the fans will show their support once the team starts to win.” And that’s true; of course they will. But winning’s not going to happen overnight. They could play .750 baseball the rest of the way and the fans probably still won’t come back until next season. They’ve been burned. The Mets know growing the fan base won’t happen overnight, so this is a nice little way to get fans organized. It backfired on them, to be sure, and I’m not really sure why.
    Ok, I’ve got an idea. Ronny hit the nail right on the head: just about everything the Mets do is looked at poorly. Whether it deserves to be or not, it’s looked at poorly. The media loves to pile on this team — but, more sadly, so do the fans.  Am I saying love the team blindly, never noticing any faults? No, not at all. But I get the feeling sometimes there’s not a single thing the Mets can do that won’t generate hate, and I just don’t get it. I mean, we could win 100 games this year, and people will complain that it should’ve been 110. And they’ll demand the Wilpons sell the team. 

    It gets tiresome sometimes; it really does.

  2. What anybody with common sense already knew is now proven. The NY Mets puts out a letter to fans under the misleading pretense that it was written by actual people who are admired and revered by the fan base. It takes an embarrassing, nauseating letter and raises it to the level of a disgusting insult to our intelligence. Of course anybody who ever played the game could not write such garbage.

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