Dear @Mets, you can suck but you can’t be boring

Sorry Mets fans, I couldn’t do it last night.  That game was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so boring.

Mets fans like to bust chops about putting a “major league product on the field” but this team has so little pizzazz right now.

Going around the IF, a guy who they are sending down, my favorite player, a guy playing out of position which is a ticking time bomb, a certain someone with one home run and a catcher that seems invisible.

Left to right we have a generic guy in LF, an exciting young reason to watch in CF, and a guy with Yankee Stadium power in right.

As you can see from this map, Curtis Granderson does not fly out to RF in Citi Field.  Graph courtesy of Amazin' Avenue.
As you can see from this map, Curtis Granderson does not fly out to RF in Citi Field. Graph courtesy of Amazin’ Avenue.

So that’s Murphy and Lagares as interesting…..and Wright and Granderson as sideshows which is DEFINITELY NOT THE PLAN.

But the worst sin last night is that it WAS BORING.  And slow.  BORING AND SLOW.

I made it through 6 and then agreed to watch a movie with Mrs. Mets Police.  We got an entire movie in and the game was still going.

And as is the case most every night the bullpen gave up the lead.

Boring. Forgettable.

I will be there tonight to see Eric Campbell play first base (WAIT, WHAT?).  Um, Let’s Go Mets?

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12 Replies to “Dear @Mets, you can suck but you can’t be boring”

  1. “Jgoldstein924: metspolice Mets whatever happened to not sucking and not being boring” We can’t have everything.

  2. metspolice The 1996 NYM were 71-91 & were not good but they weren’t boring. They tried & gave fans some fun moments. This team? not so much

  3. metspolice Mets how about a team with a major league payroll that has more millions spent than wins mentioned by the GM

  4. “RealMetman: metspolice Mets you’re going to the game tonight? Me too I’d love to meet up” If you see MURPHY CAMO its me.

  5. That game set baseball back 50 years! What amazes me is that they found 30,000 people to pay money and went to that game!
    The “Battle for the basement” is really on!
    Can this team at least remain relevant till the end of May?

  6. It must be partly the fans’ fault…as you know, it’s players and fans believing in each other that makes amazing things happen. It makes a tremendous difference as to what happens on the field. The Mets probably need new fans…maybe they can call up the fans from Vegas.

  7. @metspolice RealMetman metspolice Mets  I’ll be there too, just don’t know which jersey yet

  8. metspolice Mediagoon as long as its not too hot I will be in a white Flores jersey.. otherwise I will be in a T-Shirt.. bridge??

  9. RealMetman Mediagoon prob will arrive at 5 and be out there somewhere. Ain’t too many Murphy camos

  10. metspolice Mediagoon I’m sure there are not many Flores jerseys either.. gonna try to get him to sign it

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