Mets Underscore: Please Change Banner Day

Banner Day 2014

Over at Underscore @mets_bro asks…

Why is Banner Day Memorial Day weekend? Couldn’t there be a bigger turnout either the weekend before or after since many people prefer to be at the beach or may go on vacation? Does the Monday “off day” for fans allow them to attend a 10am on-field parade? These are all questions I’d like to know.

via Please Change Banner Day.

In year one it was Memorial Day and they got 300 or so.  Year two was supposed to be Memorial Day but ESPN hijacked the game, then a fat blogger complained and they moved it to May 11th – 90 or so banners.  This year, I haven’t seen the official count yet, but 90 or so banners.

I know the Memorial Day thing stresses people out.  I don’t know why that day is chosen as opposed to a different day – and clearly it can be doubled up with another promotion such as Colon Poster Day.

I’m happy it’s back so I don’t want to complain.  During the game yesterday they mentioned Banner Day 2015 so that’s great that it will continue to be a Citi Field tradition.

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