Oh good we are trading Murphy again

daniel murphy thanks mets

Giants, Blue Jays interested in Mets’ Daniel Murphy, but Sandy Alderson may not be selling – NY Daily News.

Well, if he does have to go somewhere, the Formerlys are a good choice, and Mets North wouldn’t be awful…we could all root for them.

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One Reply to “Oh good we are trading Murphy again”

  1. If they trade Murph, I may have to call it a day. It’s that simple. The team’s offense consistently stinks, Murph has not only been the 2nd-best hitter on the team for years, he’s also shown he can hit at Citi Field — heck, he can thrive here. He’s a fan favorite. It happened with Reyes and if it happens here, I’ll be absolutely appalled; the team I grew up with — the team I became a fan of years and years ago — would not let a home-grown, *successful* fan favorite walk over $8 million. Why do we have no problem paying Chris Young, but the same amount to Murphy is prohibitive?

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