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sandy and colactus

I am not being my usual sarcastic self here.  I’d like to know what the Mets knew about Niese and when did they know it.

“There’s no discomfort, no pain,” manager Terry Collins said Sunday morning. “We’re just seeing a decrease in stuff. You don’t need radar guns to tell you there’s something going on here.”

via New York Mets put Jon Niese on DL – ESPN New York.


So was the plan on Friday something like “we think he is hurt but let’s see what happens?”   Did they go back and look at the twelve pitches and notice his velocity? (I was unable to find that sort of detail in my twenty second internet search while I drink a beer and enjoy my deck..I am not a sportswriter.)

I’m just curious how a man throws twelve pitches and is now on the DL.



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