Huge huge Mets game tonight (fake pennant race)

The Mets are 10 games back. Tonight’s game is HUGE, seriously, and it’s easy to explain.

  • If you win you are 9 back, if you lose you are 11 back. Big difference.
  • If you then win tomorrow you are 8 back.  If you win tonight and lose tomorrow you took two games off your life.
  • If you can sweep you are “only” 6 back which is still a fake pennant race but way better than a split which leaves you 10 back.

This is MUST-SWEEP in July. I’m not the one who let it get this bad, that’s how bad it is.

Tonight’s your playoffs…enjoy!

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  1. But you’re totally ignoring the fact that WE’RE ONLY 9.5 GAMES BACK in the wild card race!

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