Oh good we’re trading Murphy again to save money and play an unproven guy

Daniel Murphy 2014 All Star Game

The Mets have brainwashed the entire tri-state area that Murphy is going to become the highest paid player in baseball if they don’t get him out of here.  You guys all go along with it, then will be the first ones to call the team cheap.

Why would an offensively challenged team move it’s best player?  I can name 24 Mets plus one guy in AAA that were not All Stars.  This is maddening.

As for Murphy, it’s strange that the Mets’ lone representative at the All-Star Game may not even be on the team by August. But the argument to deal him may just be too compelling for Alderson to pass up — peak value, a big arbitration bump this winter and a waiting replacement in Wilmer Flores, who is raking at Triple-A Las Vegas with a .368/.405/896 slash line over his last 10 games, including six homers.

via Sandy Alderson must decide whether he will play the trade market – Newsday.

Mets seem to think attendance will go up.
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6 Replies to “Oh good we’re trading Murphy again to save money and play an unproven guy”

  1. metspolice I don’t care if they deal him as he is the worst base runner in baseball I think. Get something for him now.

  2. @BillTaylorNY metspolice The worst runner in baseball doesn’t magically end up with 20+ SB’s per year at a 90% success rate…..

  3. If you consider all of the starting 2nd basemen in Mlb, Murphy is a very valuable player if the Mets decided to trade him.If Flores replaces him and keeps up with the numbers he is having now in the Minors how much are we really losing? Murph could possibly give the Mets talent for positions that they have NO depth at! (SS,1b,Lf)Sometimes that is the gamble teams with little offensive depth have to take. If the Mets decide to keep Murph,move Flores to SS, then the Mets would have a horrible defensive infield..

  4. Metstressdisorder Having seen Flores play 2B…..we would be taking a step back overall. Murphy has work very hard at his defense and has become a league average defensive…..Not a detriment. He’s even producing postive UZR numbers. 

    Sure we might be able to maintain our production at 2B offensively with Flores but the runs he will cost defensively will outweight any increased runs gained offensively (if any).

    I still view Flores IMO as a 3B and we should use that to our advantage. The LA Dodgers currently do not have anyone to replace the aging 35 yr old Juan Uribe. 

    Send Flores and Gee to them during the off-season for Joc Pederson and Corey Seager. Solves your LF problem immediately AND adds a true Top 50 prospect  at SS while not harming the MLB team all since Gee would be replaced by Syndergaard.

  5. Look. He’s good, but not great. Is he an $8mm a year player? I don’t think so. If there is something solid to be gotten, get it.

  6. ChristopherSoto metspolice  Baserunning and stealing are very different things. I have never seen more mental mistakes on the basepaths or misguided defensive decisionmaking from a major league ball player.

    I like Murph, but we can do better.

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