Wear the first responder caps, take the warning (The Rules)

Hello @mets,

You may or may not be looking to change the news cycle.  I have an idea for you.  WEAR THE CAPS.

Wear The Caps

Now I am just some dumb blogger and may not understand all the ins and outs, but as I read the uniform policy I see this..

Players will be subject to the following discipline schedule for violations of these Uniform Regulations:

a. First violation: the Senior Vice President, Standards and On-Field Operations will issue a Uniform Regulations Violation Warning, setting forth the provision of the Uniform Regulations that the Player has violated and specifying that the Player will be subject to further discipline if he does not immediately cease violating the Regulations

So take the field in the first responder caps.

If the umpire asks you to change do so.  Let MLB be the bad guys.

If the umpire doesn’t ask you to change then play the game.

If the SVP issues a warning then you would be wise to heed the warning on 9/12.  Don’t wear the caps on 9/12 because you will have been warned.

Seems easy enough.