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Daniel Murphy 2014 All Star Game

Good morning.

Folks are coming to me, semi-understandably, as if I am Daniel Murphy’s spokesperson which I am not.

Personally, I do not agree with Murph’s comments.  To go deeper, I have a late-uncle who I believe was gay.  He lived at a time where it was not easy to come out, and I don’t believe he ever did. To this day I think his brothers would be freaked out if I brought up the topic.  That’s a shame that he could not be honest about himself with his own family.

As for Daniel, I have met Murph twice I think.  Seems like a nice guy.

I have read his comments, and they don’t seem to be coming from a place of hate.  Let’s not make him out to be John Rocker.

That being said, I think Craig Calcaterra makes good points below.

Even if his religion has taught him that homosexuality is wrong, and even if one thinks Murphy has the absolute right, as a citizen, to say what he wants about it (which he certainly does), there is no escaping the fact that such comments are ignorant. That they, however politely put, serve to marginalize a great many people. That they, when taken to their logical extreme, encourage and/or give cover for bigotry and violence and hatred.Given that Murphy does not appear to have any animus about him in his comments makes it safe to say that he doesn’t necessarily realize that. But the fact that he does not realize that shows you just how essential Billy Bean’s message in his new role — that its important to support LGBT persons in the baseball community — really is.

via Daniel Murphy on Billy Bean: “I do disagree with the fact that Billy is a homosexual” | HardballTalk.

So am I with 28?  Yeah.  I have friends with whom I disagree on things.  I won’t agree with Daniel on this one.  If he starts being an annoying anti-homosexual crusader then I will reconsider.  But yesterday he asked a question and answered it.  Was asked for a follow-up and answered it.

I’ll agree to disagree with him.  I reserve the right to continue to modify my opinion as I think about this more.  As maybe Daniel will.

Now I ask you to look at yourself.  Yesterday I brought up the offensive Mets cap and I was told by lots of you that my opinion was stupid.  I’m told I am an idiot for being offended at a racist caricature.  Oh.  I’ll agree to disagree with you as well.  You’re not racist, you were just raised to think it’s OK.

The Irish have a 100 year head start on tolerance, so things aren’t so bad.  But 100 years later we’re still dealing with offensive Mets caps that have their roots in this.




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  1. I thought of you as I read the Deadspin piece. I’m still a fan of his, but my respect for him is lessened.

  2. .Alindz99 Many athletes would have gone into spin and had a publicist say “what Daniel meant was…”
    So at least we have a guy not hiding

  3. metspolice Alindz99 I appreciate his honesty. Let’s move on to baseball now, shall we? 🙂

  4. metspolice I think we’re all just very disappointed that a veteran and nice guy such as Murph can’t see through the religious blinders.

  5. metspolice The Mets are my go-to team, and I’ve been rooting for him since his callup. I can no longer enjoy him the same way, maybe at all

  6. .dmschwart It’s interesting to me that it’s from Murph. What if it were random “unimportant” bullpen guy? Or you know who. What wud reax?

  7. metspolice That’s thing, he is a leader and has played a top good-guy role on this team for quite some time, so it’s been disheartening.

  8. .dmschwart I’m never in a clubhouse but my understanding is many players would side with Murph. Martino will be a good read on that.

  9. metspolice Now, if it were the TOP good guy on the Mets that said this — David Wright — then I think all would collapse.

  10. metspolice What’s definite is that, as a fan, this has become a distraction for me, one I didn’t see coming.

  11. metspolice dmschwart Yes and this is why Alderson should be praised (rare coming from me).

  12. metspolice dmschwart I’d lose a lot of respect for anyone saying what Murphy said. It’s disappointing to hear in the 21st century.

  13. metspolice lagranderusty MikeSilvaMedia this reminds me a bit of the ward-houston “anti-semitic” controversy. The quotes they made werent

  14. metspolice lagranderusty MikeSilvaMedia coming from a place of hate, it was what they believed. These type of discussions are very gray.

  15. metspolice lagranderusty MikeSilvaMedia and I think it’s more important to understand the context than the sound byte in both cases.

  16. metspolice we are all for freedom of speech. But that includes the freedom to criticize his views too

  17. metspolice I see it differently. Secular types think believers are ignorant as a matter of course. That is it’s own form of bigotry.

  18. metspolice Full disclosure. I am not religious. All I can ask is that people like Murph practice tolerance. He appears to do that.

  19. Once again, the less I know about actual baseball players the more I enjoy baseball. It’s hard for me to root in earnest for guys who think like this.

  20. @dmschwart metspolice oh really???  how very tolerant @inclusive of you….Go root for another team then!!!!!

  21. @dmschwart metspolice  No we are NOT disappointed!!….WE FULLY SUPPORT Dan Murphy @ his right to believe @ say whatever he wishes!! This is still America, maybe you’ve forgotten that!!  Maybe you need to read the U.S. Constitution!!!!

  22. @dmschwart metspolice Wrong actually we all support Dan Murphy @ his right to free speech!!

  23. @dmschwart metspolice it’s NOT disheartening…we fully support Murphy @ his right to free speech!

  24. segansca  Oh really???  Well, my respect has just GROWN!  God Bless Dan Murphy for having the strength @ courage @ conviction to say what he believes, regardless of what the radical liberals say about him!!…Screw them, they are not in the lockerroom w/him!!….LYING pathetic ultra liberal jokes, all of them!!!!

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