Radical thought: could the Mets’ hot start lead to Terry’s downfall?


Stay with me before you freak the (bleep) out again about one of my posts.

I’ve had a nagging feeling since last week that the hot start could lead to Terry’s downfall.


Because the Wilpons got a taste of success.  For five minutes last Thursday before the Subway Series this was almost Mets Town for a few hours.  The non-sports media had rediscovered the Mets.  People were wearing Mets attire.  We were having Mets Frontrunner arguments.

Since then?

Honestly, Same Old Mets.  It has been Matt Harvey and bad baseball.  We were a Daniel Murphy home run, not something you can count on, from getting swept by the LOLMarlins.

And yet the Mets have a 4.5 game lead this morning and are tied for the most wins of baseball.  It seems crazy to speculate about the manager today.  Hear me out.

What if….and I hope that doesn’t happen….what if that lead whittles away.

Would any of you at this point be happy to see the Mets wake up just one game out of first one morning?  At this point would you feel good about the scrappy Mets being in the hunt for the Wild Card?

No.  You wouldn’t  We got a taste, and the Wilpons got a taste.

After a taste of .800 ball can you do an extended run of .450 ball?

I’m not sure you can.

That seat might get hot.

None of this might be Terry’s fault.  Maybe some of it is.  We all seem to run better bullpens managing from home.  I don’t understand why the Mets are paying Granderson big bucks to walk.  I don’t know why Murphy bats 5th when he clearly rakes in the 2 hole.  I still hate the 6 man rotation, even if it’s only one time around (0-2 so far).

This is a very interesting weekend.  You can slam your shoe on Washington’s throat.  You can split and waste some calendar.  Or you can make that seat get hot.

I used a Wally image for the post because I like to stir the blood.  I’m not sure Sandy does, and I’m not sure Tim Teufel’s Mets excites anyone.  Bob Geren’s best year in Oakland was 81-81.

Will Mets fans be fine with 84 wins at this point?  I doubt it.

This could actually get ugly.  Funny how winning creates an expectation of winning.