Dear @MLBAM @MLBFanSupport @WOR710 @METS lets fix the commercials on the App feed this season please

Hello fine people at radio stations, MLBAM and baseball team executives.

As you may have ignored, every year since the Mets have moved to WOR, the commercial volume on the MLB App is WAY TOO LOUD

It’s not my phone.  It’s not my app.  It’s not that I don’t know what I am talking about.  It’s that apparently nobody at your organizations either listens or bothers to talk to each other.  Listen to one commercial break and you’ll hear what I mean (unless of course you have fixed the problem in the off-season).

You don’t need to contact me.  I don’t need to DM you.  You just need to listen to one half inning of Mets baseball, WOR feed, MLB App.

Other people are sure to retweet this post and agree….so let’s just fix this finally please.  Thanks.


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