Pssst schedule says the Mets actually do need 5 starters this April

Hey kids.  You know how often you can skate the first two weeks without a 5th starter, or say one of your stud pitchers is throwing 90 and you want to skip his turn rather than leave him behind in PSL for extended spring training?  Well that’s not gonna be so easy.  Take a look at this…

So what don’t you see?  You don’t see any white.

Let’s work it out (let’s not overanalyze my rotation order)

April 3 – Noah

April 4- off

April 5- JDG

April 6 – TDK

April 7 – Matz

April 8 – I guess you could go Noah on full rest

April 9 – need that pesky 5th starter

April 10 – JDG

April 11 – TDK

April 12 – Matz

April 13 – Noah

April 14 – Pesky 5th Starter

April 15 – JDG

April 16 – TDK

April 17 – off day

April 18 – Noah skips over Matz, look down below

April 19 – Matz

April 20 -This is when they will start juggling and deciding to skip Matt.  5th starter vs Philllies

April 21 – JDG on extra rest

April 22 – damned if I know.  Maybe TDK on long rest

April 23 – Noah

April 24 – off day


And then, interestingly and oddly, the Mets play the Braves again at home for the second time in April.

Did I do that right?  I have to go drive Dad’s Taxi and can’t check my work.

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