Seen this movie: Mets play Braves (Dickey, Colon) twice at home in April

Odd schedule quirk in that the Mets play the Braves twice at Citi Field in April.

Normally I’d think that was good.  Hey the Mets can beat up on a rebuilding club!  Except I have seen this movie before.  In 2016 it was called Murph….

Remember this guy?

How about this guy?

Can you imagine a scenario where they both pitch lights out at Citi Field in April….meanwhile say one of the Mets aces is struggling?   Yes you can. This is terrifying, and it’s almost as if Mets is just a TV show written by Greg Prince.

And sure Colon’s spring numbers aren’t that good, and Dickey is an aging knuckler…..but I’ve seen this movie before, watch out Mets.

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